How to take care of your plants in summer

Summer is here! Long days, warm nights, a time to take it easy. And our houseplants love summer, too. For them, summer is the growing season. It is the time of year when the conditions are just right for ample growth.

Here are some tips to keep in mind

1- Water well, and water deeply

You’ll probably need to water your plants more in summer. Not only they are drinking more to help them grow, the hot weather can dry their soil out quickly.

Check on them every couple of days (If cool weather) or every day (During the very hot days) and give them a drink only when the soil feels dry to a depth of two inches. Avoid overwatering (It means don’t water twice a day or if the soil still moisty). Wet soil is not a plant’s friend.

“Indoor plants have a different exception as it’s not directly exposed to the sunlight, So it’s soil may take many days to dry out, So avoid overwatering” Mr. Gardener

2- Keep them well fed

Plants are still well within the growing season (it lasts until September), so they need lots of energy to make new leaves and flowers.

Biweekly put some plant food (Fertilizer), in the watering can and water your plants as normal. That will give them the nutrients they need. 

3- Pruning time

One of the main contributing factors to maintaining a healthy and beautiful plants.

Warm weather is the good time for pruning to make your plant produce a new branches during the growth season.

4- Deadhead old flowers

Remove the wilted flowers. That will encourage them to replace old flowers with new ones. Remove them by hand or by a scissors.


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