• Poinsettia

    Poinsettia one of the most amazing winter plants



  • Rectangle pots (colored)

    “Please write your desired color on the checkout form”
    Plastic pots for planting purposes and coordinate your balcony garden, it comes with its holder to ease holding it on the balcony edge. comes in many colors.

  • Nappta planting kit for kids

    Your best choice for your kid to add a unique valuable learning to him.
    This kit comes with the required tools and supplies to help your kid learn the planting skills which develop inside him the responsibility and creativity. it suitable for kids +4 years.

  • Wooden plant carrier – 60cm

    A decorative piece to put the plant pot on it instead of put it on the floor. it replace the view of your plants between your furniture. If you want a tall plant but it is expensive, the plant carrier is your solution.

  • Coleus

    Coleus varieties have some of the most stunningly colored foliage in combinations of green, yellow, pink, red, maroon, etc. Coleus also have a wide variety of leaf sizes and overall shapes. This means that no matter what area you are looking to put coleus, you can find one that will be perfect. These plants are great for adding color in  home balcony, especially in those dark, drab-looking corners.



  • Chamaedorea

    Chamaedorea might be the most popular indoor palm in our areas. It brings a piece of the rain forest into the house and looks attractive with its fine, feathered leafs. The evergreen indoor mountain palm grows relatively slow and is very low maintenance.



  • Snake Plant

    If you think the only type of plant you can keep alive is made of plastic, think again. Sansevieria (commonly known as the snake plant) is a very tolerant plant that is hard to kill. It can survive low light levels, drought, and generally being ignored. They will even reward your neglect by helping to clean the air in your home. 


    Snake Plant


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