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Dracaena, commonly called the “Dragon Tree” that predominantly come from Africa. This particular variety stands out for it’s neon yellow and green stripes that run vertically up and down the leaves.

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It come in black pot – 20″ – with plant height 25-35 cm.

Growing Conditions:


Although a Dracaena lemon lime Plant can adapt to low light, it does better in medium to indirect bright light. Too much direct bright light causes the color in the leaves to fade. Too little light and the new leaves are narrower than the older leaves.


Allow the top 50% of the soil to dry out before watering. If the soil is too wet or too dry the leaves develop brown tips. In summer you should water the Dracaena more often, in winter (especially when the temperature in the room is lower) you should do it less often.


dracena lemon needs humidity for best growing. You can mist dracena lemon with sprayer around the leaves or put pebbles in the tray under the pot with some water that will help to raise the humidity by steam the water.


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