Nappta planting kit for kids

EGP 295.00

Your best choice for your kid to add a unique valuable learning to him.
This kit comes with the required tools and supplies to help your kid learn the planting skills which develop inside him the responsibility and creativity. it suitable for kids +4 years.


The complete seeds planting kit for your kids

It consists of:

  • Planting soil (Cocopeat soil).
  • 4 colored pots.
  • 4 types of seeds are easy to grow.
  • Shovel for filling the pot with soil.
  • Seedlings cups for seeds germination.
  • 4 ushers to label every seed kind.
  • Catalog including pictures and captions to explain how to sow the seeds step by step in a way which makes your kid get it easily. also follow up table to make your kid following up his plants growing.

This kit is suitable for children their ages starting from 4 years and above.

Put the planted pots in somewhere getting full sunlight to help the seeds grow well (Choose a place that get at least 5-6 direct sunlight hours).

This kit lets your kid learn how to take care of some things and how to be responsible.


  • The price doesn’t include the shipping fees. 
  • Deliver within 2-6 workdaysdays.

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