Lucky Bamboo (70cm)

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stick 40 cm

Lucky Bamboo is a fascinating houseplant that grows in water. It’s great for beginning gardeners. when you put some branches in a vase with small colorful pebbles with water, it give you an awesome room view



Growing Conditions:


Lucky Bamboo does great in bright light. It’ll tolerate lower light levels just fine but it won’t grow much. Be sure to avoid putting it in direct, hot sun as it’ll burn baby burn.


There is a bit of mixed opinion regarding this. Some people never change water, some change it frequently & others every now & then. I fall into the every now & then category as I change the water about every 2 months. I make sure the water completely cover the roots in both of my arrangements so I add a bit of water as needed, every 2-7 days depending on the temps. If the water is smelling bad, then change it!


lucky bamboo needs humidity for best growing. You can mist lucky bamboo with sprayer around the leaves or put a pebbles in the tray under the pot with some water that will help to raise the humidity by steam the water.


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