Nappta planting kit

EGP 395.00

The complete planting kit which includes every item you need to plant your own garden. you can choose 4 different vegetables seeds or flowers or mixing between both.


The complete planting kit for every one

It consisting of:

  • Planting soil (Coco peat soil).
  • 4 colored pots.
  • 4 types of seeds easy to grow (Vegetables or flowers or both).
  • Compound fertilizer (N.P.K).
  • Seedlings cups for seeds germination.
  • 4 ushers to label every seed kind.
  • Catalog including pictures and captions to explain how to sow the seeds step by step in a way which make you get it easily. Also some growing tips specially for vegetables.

This kit is suitable to use inside your balcony or your roof as long as there is a strong full day sunlight.

The available seeds are: (You choose just 4 species from the following)
Tomato- Pepper- Cucumber- Arugula- Parsley- Cilantro- Lettuce- Variable flowers

The importance of fertilizer existing to produce healthy and strong plant.

Put the planted pots in somewhere getting full sunlight to help the seeds grow well (Choose a place which get at least 5-6 direct sunlight hours).


  • Price doesn’t include the shipping fees which determined according to the deliver place. 
  • Deliver within 2-6 working days.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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