Plant food N.P.K 18-18-18

EGP 95.00

A balanced composition of fertilizing that give your plant what it needs. It make leaves and roots grow healthy and make the plant blooming well.


Package 1/2 Kg

A good composition of major elements that plants needs (N.P.K) with ratio 18-18-18, and it includes microelements too, this composition give the plant what it needs to grow healthy either for leaves or for flowers or for roots.

You should put 1 teaspoon on 1 liter of water, and then use this solution to water your plants 1 time monthly in winter and 1 time weekly in summer.

Becardul of exceeds the fertilizing process more than once at a week.

Keep the remaining fertilized water till next fertilizing (In the once of fertilizing replace the regular water this time with this solution and use it in watering the plant. And according to the size of the pot, give the plant what it needs)

Australian provided from Yara company


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