Wooden plant carrier – 60cm

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A decorative piece to put the plant pot on it instead of put it on the floor. it replace the view of your plants between your furniture. If you want a tall plant but it is expensive, the plant carrier is your solution.

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A decorative carrier made from wood used for decoration purposes, it used to carry the plants instead of putting them on the floor and the big benefit of it is you can replace the big, tall, and expensive plant with a small and cheap plant with this carrier.

it comes in 3 sizes: 80cm / 60cm / 40cm which be suitable with every decorative condition you have in your house:

the 80cm size: to put it beside tall furniture pieces like a tall table or something like that, this case after putting the plant on the carrier you will find that your plant becomes suitable with the furniture piece instead of put the plant on the floor.

the 60cm size: good for sofas or chairs, the sofas almost the same tall with this size so when you put the plant you will find it suitable with your furniture. it’s very good in the corner made by putting two sofas beside each other instead of leaving it empty or become a dead point.

the 40cm size: good for small furniture pieces or for put on it a tall plant instead of putting it on the floor.

it comes with a 25cm diameter

it sold alone without plants.

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Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 60 cm


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