Indoor plant offer (small)

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Indoor plants offer which comes with wooden carrier special for plants, this group add decoration value to your home and make your air fresh for healthy breath.

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This offer includes choosing one plant from just 5 indoor plants of this offer Not all indoor plants

About the offer:

This offer includes:

  • Wooden plant carrier with 60 cm height and brown color.
  • One indoor plant with brick-colored pot, you can choose from the following:
  1. Semi-shadow plants: in this offer, there are 3 kinds of semi-shadow plants (Croton/ Croton gold dust/ Schefflera), Those plants need good indirect light conditions to grow well so it’s good to put them beside a window.
  2. Shadow plants: In this offer, there are 2 kinds of shadow plants (Boston fern/ Snake plant), those plants can tolerate the shadow more than the previous 3 plants mentioned above however it’s better to choose a place that has a good light condition for best growing.

Find the 5 plant pictures of this offer mentioned in the offer album.

Water these plants when the soil surface dry and avoid overwatering (Be careful of Overwatering)

You can get more information about any plant of them from this link:

The price doesn’t include the shipping fees (It determine depending on the delivery place)

Deliver within 2-6 days

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 60 cm


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